Verba Volant, Scripta Manent, this old Roman proverb encapsulates the importance of written confirmations when transacting with third parties or in preparation thereof. Literally translated this proverb reads ‘words fly, written text remain’, meaning that spoken words vanish once uttered while what’s written will remain. This proverb turned legal maxim, emphasises the importance of having written documents in order to ensure ones rights or gained expectations are recorded and available.

Lawyers are trained to ensure that rights and obligations are appropriately expressed in written texts, whether through agreements, contracts, Memoranda, statutes etc. The importance of having lawyers, who are specialised or experienced in particular niche sectors is essential when drafting or reviewing documentation to ensure that the document is legal, complete and that the clauses therein are legally enforceable.

Written documents also allow for certainty and usually a plan of action when needed, which is vital in today’s fast paced environment and business dealings. Allowing legal experts to draft documents for transactions or to regulate business relationships at the beginning of any new undertaking helps save time, money and relationships.

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